Langara College

    Langara College- Center for Entertainment Arts is a digital entertainment school that offers
    Diplomas in Advanced 3D Animation, VFX, Game Design, and Game Technology as well as a
    Foundation in Entertainment Arts Certificate.
    At our center, students learn by doing. Our outstanding curriculum is taught by top industry
    experts and is designed to set you up for success. All students will graduate with the skills they
    need to immediately enter the job market.
    Vancouver is home to one of the world’s largest clusters of top VFX, animation, and video game
    development studios. Our brand new 38,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is located in the
    heart of Vancouver’s creative district, giving you opportunities to meet and network with
    industry professionals.


    Vancouver, Canada




    CAD 8,736 - CAD 65,000


    Scholarships are available depending upon the student’s profile.

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Courses we offer

Creative Arts and Design

Diploma in Advanced 3D Animation

Diploma in Advanced VFX

Diploma in Advanced Game Design

Diploma in Advanced Game Technology

Foundation in Entertainment Arts Certificate

Diploma in 3D Animation for Game, Film and Visual Effects

Diploma in 2D Animation and Digital Arts

Graduate Diploma in Web and Mobile App Design and Development

Certificate in Graphic Novel and Comix

Diploma in Digital and Print Publishing

Associate of Arts Degree (General)

Diploma in Fine Arts

Diploma in Arts and Science

Associate of Arts Degree (Creative Writing)

Diploma in Theatre Arts at Studio 58 (Acting)

Diploma in Theatre Arts at Studio 58 (Production)

Certificate in Digital Music Production

Diploma in Design Formation

Diploma in Professional Photography


Grade 12 is required


16 months - 3 years


January, May and September


CAD 8,736 - CAD 65,000