Codecore College

    CodeCore College is poised to help the students from all over the world navigate new technologies, new careers, and vibrant futures. Our vision is to deliver excellence in education, empower individuals to forge their paths, be recognized at both domestic and international students for quality, and continually adapt to the industry demands.

    We have been working hard to build one of the most comprehensive and well-recognized networks of college and university affiliations in Canada while gaining recognition for quality and cutting-edge education. Our list of Canadian institutional affiliations keeps growing. 

    We take pride in saying that we have 250+ hiring partners, including top employers like Amazon, SAP, Broadridge, Unbounce, Modern Advisor, and many more. Our graduates of the Web Development Bootcamp have a 96% placement rate after three months of the completion of their program. We have accreditations from the British Columbia EQA (Education Quality Assurance), British Columbia PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch), SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority), British Columbia StudentAidBC, and we have authorized user for the EduCanada Brand. Because of the accreditation by the SQA, CodeCore students will have 90 options for transfer to complete their degree, including the ones in Canada.


    New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada




    $ 14,000- $ 18,000 approx.


    Scholarships are available depending upon the student’s profile.

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Courses we offer

Information Technology

Advanced Diploma in Business

Advanced Diploma in Computing Software Development

Advanced Web Application Development Diploma

Web Development Bootcamp

Part-Time- Programming Fundamentals


Grade 12 or Bachelor Degree is required


January, May, September & November


2-3 years