Overseas Education: Measures taken to fight COVID-19

The pandemic of COVID-19 has shaken up the entire world. It has drastically impacted the economy of each and every country but there is one sector which has been severely affected i.e. Overseas Education. It has resulted in shut down of borders for the International students.

This article covers the measures taken into action to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and simultaneously, keep the education industry at par;


Online Classes- Due to lockdown, Institutes started delivering their courses in online mode so that the time of the students is not wasted. Students can attend the classes while sitting in the comfy confines of their home. Many of them are offering trial classes before enrolling in the program, which is brilliant idea executed by the institutes in amidst of the current situation.


What can be more relaxing for the parents than to see their children gaining an international qualification, all the while being safe and in front of their eyes during this vulnerable situation……right?


Flexible Timings- Keeping in view the different time zones, there is a provision of saving the lectures for later. Students can easily access the recorded sessions anytime anywhere.


Money-Saving- Online classes save living expenses and most of the institutes are offering heavy discounts on the tuition fees.


Student Support- Just like us, the institutions were totally unprepared for this situation. Therefore, they understand our dilemma. Organizing of regular webinars to interact with the students and resolve their queries and launching hefty scholarships to the students who are starting their online classes online or on-campus for the upcoming intakes.


Online English Tests- with the closing of English prep institutes, colleges are offering online tests like Duolingo, CAEL, TOEFL-iBT, IELTS, Password Test, which are quite easy, flexible, and FREE!!



Extended application periods- Many institutions have also extended their application period, acknowledging the fact that students around the globe are dicey.



No Change in Post Study Working Rights:

Students will be permitted for Post-study work rights even if they complete half of the course in their home country. Now that’s what people call ‘the cherry on the cake!’


Nothing can limit our dreams. We just have to be positive and need to adopt the safety measures to get out of this adversity together #StayAtHome #StaySafe