Changes in Rules by Canadian Immigration: A Big Sigh of Relief for International Students

Canada is a very popular destination among international students. Studying there is a dream of many students but this pandemic has put a hold on that dream. During these uncertain times, the major question lingering in minds of students is whether they will get post-study work permit even while studying online in their home country.

The answer is a BIG YES!

The Canadian Government has introduced some big relaxations in the immigration rules recently. The below article gives you a complete summary of these new rules.


An international student, completing at least 8 months or more of study leading to a certificate, diploma, or degree at a Designated Learning Institute of Canada, can apply for a Post Study Work Permit to get the real Canadian work experience.

Note: The length of Post Study Work Permit depends upon the duration of the study opted by the student.

Usually, under the normal circumstances, an online student is not considered eligible for Post Study Working Rights in Canada but keeping in mind the pandemic situation and worldwide travel restriction, the Canadian government has made the provision that the students who start online while being in their home country can get the post-study working rights in Canada when their course gets completed.


Important Points:

  • Must enroll in a study of at least 2 years
  • Can complete up to 50% of the study online in their home country
  • If the student travels to Canada by 31st December 2020, they can get full 3 years of PSWP

This major change in rules is a two-way thing that will benefit not only international students but also the Canadian Government. Let’s see how:

As known to all, most of the students who travel to Canada to study have the aim of settling there permanently. With the help of Post Study Working Rights, their application for Federal or Provincial Permanent Residency becomes very strong and they get approved easily. In the COVID-19 time, this relaxation in the rules is said to encourage international students to apply for studying in Canada without any hesitation.


Also, the students make a major part of Canada’s Economy. Before the pandemic, International students were contributing about $22 billion to support the Canadian economy. Further, when these students become the permanent residents of the country, they are said to contribute even more. These students will be having the skills desired by the employers, Canadian education and work experience, etc, making them the best-suited candidate for the job.

Thus, it is advised to all to make most out of this pandemic situation by taking benefits of the rules or relaxations made by the governments.